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Greetings from Old Coleman Lover

Maintenans Suggestions: Think about before you do

There could be many people who always try to disassemble and reassemble old Coleman whatever you have. Just think about it before you do so. Many of them may work propery without complete restration. Sometime they don't propery work after restoration unless you follow the proper way to assemble. Sorry for the many ocl coleman. I "destroied" many of them in the past.

MUST Have!

What kind of tools are most required? Check valve wrenches are the most "MUST HAVE" tool for sure. The check valve wrenches for US and CANADA model are available in Japanese market.

US model
CANADA model

An article about check valve is Here. (Sorry, Japanese text Only)

Maintenans Suggestions: Never smoke!

Never think for Smoking while you are restoring with coleman.

Your coleman always needs to be emptied regardless amount of gas or kerosene in the fount.


Have you ever thought how many repair parts that Coleman made? They have long long history so that they made quite a lot of them, I believe.

We do carry and collect from current major parts through hard-to-find NOS parts. There are many tiny parts such as generator gas tips, screws, nuts, and something like that. Here is an example how we keep/store them. A lot of clear plastic bags are used.

When we travel country side, we must stop at local general stores to look for NOS Coleman parts regardless year of made. It is very hard to find them but that's fun!

Watch out your head! They are waiting for restoration. Which one is the next?

Obtaining such products manuals and catalogs are very valueable even thought it's hard to get.

Those are the main toosl that we use from 1930's ~ 1960's.

There are some old package generators in the photo above.

This is a part cabinet that holds many jars. You can easily find tiny parts in a few minutes.

Dust, dust, dust, and dust.....

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